climate & environmental finance


Expertise in developing GCF funding proposals

In the period 2015-2017, Æquilibrium Consulting contributed to the development of GCF Concept Notes and/or Funding Proposals in ten countries. These proposals focused on: drought resilience; resilience of water infrastructure; tourism sector adaptation; solar energy and/or hydro power; urban resilience, ecosystem resilience; adaptation of most vulnerable people; paradigm shift in transport modes (electric buses). This work included capacity development of several DAEs and recipient country based project developers.

In 2016, Æquilibrium Consulting’s Principal developed a 5-day training course for project developers, NDA representatives, DAE staff and Executing Entity representatives focusing on the development of GCF Concept Notes and Funding Proposals. The training course was successfully tested and implemented two workshops held so far in 2016 and 2017, with participants from Bangladesh, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Mozambique, Palau, Philippines, Samoa, Thailand and Vietnam. There are plans to provide additional training workshops in 2018.

For information on our experience and expertise in delivering other GCF readiness assistance, e.g., in the areas NDA strengthening, DAE accreditation, capacity development, etc., please visit our  dedicated webpage.

Æquilibrium Consulting is of course eager to further extend GCF Funding Proposal development experience and to share our expertise (contact information).