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Support to achieve GCF accreditation

Since operationalisation of the Green Climate Fund (GCF), Æquilibrium Consulting’s Principal supported more than 20 entities based in more than 15 countries – most of them Direct Access Entities (DAEs) – in their accreditation to the GCF. Several of these entities are successfully accredited to the GCF by now. 

As part of this work and as at April 2020, Æquilibrium Consulting’s Principal completed gap assessments against GCF accreditation requirements for 11 entities. For 17 entities he elaborated dedicated action plans to close accreditation gaps and/or provided assistance focusing on capacity development to address gaps and/or upgrade existing policies & procedures or elaborate new policies & procedures to allow for successful accreditation. 

In addition, in the past 20+ years and before the GCF was operational, he worked for 60+ national public and private environmental / climate financing mechanisms in 70+ countries, some of which are now DAE accredited with the GCF or in the process of getting accredited. This work focused on facilitating and improving the delivery of environmental finance (air, water, waste, biodiversity, nature protection), mostly in the context of nationally owned entities financed by national taxes and/or international grants/loans and included work on all fiduciary standards required today by the GCF (basic financial & governance standards, project management, on-granting, on-lending, ESS, gender).  As a result of this work, Æquilibrium Consulting’s Principal is knowledgeable of relevant good international practice defined by the OECD, various UN organizations, the European Union and the IFC.  

Æquilibrium Consulting GmbH can provide specific support for:

  • Elaboration of gap assessments against GCF accreditation requirements;
  • Elaboration of action plans to close accreditation gaps;
  • Elaboration of draft policies and procedures to close accreditation gaps;
  • Elaboration of accreditation applications and support in uploading such applications to the GCF OAS;
  • Support in responding to Secretariat and Accreditation Panel comments & requests;
  • Support in re-accreditation and/or upgrading accreditation levels;
  • Etc. - please contact us to discuss potential cooperation.