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GCF readiness expertise

In the period 2013-2017, Æquilibrium Consulting implemented some 25 GCF readiness assignments for several clients, including the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), PwC and UNDP, whereas these assignments were funded by the British, German and Japanese governments, the UN, the EU and other sources.

These projects were implemented in the following countries and regions: Albania, Africa regional, Bangladesh, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, PR China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, global, Grenada, Indonesia, Kenya, Maldives, Middle East regional, Moldova, Mongolia, Mozambique, Namibia, Palau, Samoa, South East Asia regional and Zambia.

As a result of implementing above work, Æquilibrium Consulting has a wide and relevant network of professional contacts, including: 

  • GCF NDAs in more than 20 countries;
  • About a dozen of GCF DAEs;
  • Several GCF Board members and several advisors to Board members;
  • Several GCF Secretariat representatives;
  • Key GCF readiness coordinators and experts from major GCF readiness service delivery organizations, such as CDKN, GIZ, PwC, UNDP and UNEP;
  • Numerous consultants implementing GCF readiness and proposal development related services, including several readiness experts and project developers from countries eligible for GCF support.

Æquilibrium Consulting’s GCF readiness work focused so far on:

Strengthening the capacities of GCF NDAs:

  • Elaborated detailed no-objection and NIE nomination procedures for use by the GCF NDA in one major GCF recipient country, including process flow charts; roles/engagement procedures of stakeholders; standardized forms and templates based on GCF requirements and local practices; detailed instructions.
  • Drafted national legislation to incorporate GCF requirements for NDAs into national law for one major GCF recipient country.
  • Drafted GCF readiness requests focusing on NDA strengthening and Country Programme development.
  • Elaborated detailed policies and procedures for carrying out regular structured dialogues between the NDA Secretariat of a major GCF recipient country, several DAEs in that country and other national stakeholders, both to facilitate stakeholder engagement and Country/Entity programming, in line with GCF requirements.
  • Assisted with identifying potential DAE candidates in several countries.
  • Conceptualized and elaborated information to be included in GCF Country Programmes for several countries.


Supporting the accreditation process of several DAEs and DAE candidates: 

  • Carried out gap assessments against the GCF accreditation requirements for several DAE candidates.
  • Drafted new legislation and/or specific operational policies for numerous DAEs or DAE candidates (visit our dedicated web page).
  • Assisted with preparing and uploading (to the GCF OAS) the application of one DAE candidate.


Training workshops focusing on GCF operational procedures

  • Provided training workshops (typically, multi-day, up to 5-day workshops) focusing on GCF operational procedures in or for participants from: Albania, Fiji, Ghana, Grenada, Indonesia, Kenya, Maldives, Moldova, Mongolia, Mozambique, Palau and Samoa. Participants typically included NDA, DAE (candidate) and Executing Entity representatives; local project developers; academia and NGOs representatives.


Development of GCF Concept Notes and Funding Proposals 

For information on our experience and expertise in developing GCF Concept Notes and Funding Proposals please visit our  dedicated webpage.

Æquilibrium Consulting is of course eager to further extend GCF readiness experience and to share our expertise (contact information).