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GCF Readiness

As at end 2019, Æquilibrium Consulting's Principal elaborated detailed no-objection, DAE nomination and country coordination & stakeholder engagement procedures for the GCF NDAs of three countries. In one case he also elaborated draft legislation to incorporate GCF requirements into national law. 

Further, he elaborated the GCF Country Programmes of three countries, including integrated and ambitious project pipelines with strong domestic ownership. Each of the three project pipelines exceed 0.5 billion USD investment.

Æquilibrium Consulting GmbH can provide specific support for:

  • Elaboration of GCF readiness requests;
  • Implementation of GCF readiness support;
  • Capacity development and training of domestic experts in GCF operations, proposal writing, accreditation, etc.;
  • Etc. - please contact us to discuss potential cooperation.